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The Great Lakes Maritime Institute is a 501(c)3 organization that promotes the history and maritime heritage
of the Great Lakes through model shipbuilding, preservation projects and educational programs.

Updated March 12, 2023 -

It is with deep regret that I tell you that this Saturdayís showing of Madison the Movie is a victim of COVID and must be rescheduled.¬† DHS is cancelling all public gatherings for the next several weeks.¬†

We do, however, have a tentative date of April 25th to show the movie and our special guests, Charlie Grooms and Tony Steinhardt (ask him about Ďstealing the engineí from the movie Ė itís a great story) will join us.¬†

When I get a firm commitment from everyone involved I will send out a new flyer.  Please let everyone know.

Thanks for your support.

        Katherine Shuler

  Special Event at the Dossin Great Lakes Museum: Saturday, March 14, 2023



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The Great Lakes Maritime Instituteís most recent project was the recovery of the 6,000 pound bow anchor of the S.S. GREATER DETROIT and its exhibition at the Detroit/Wayne County Port Authority building. On November 15, 2016, the anchor was successfully raised and on National Maritime Day, May 22, 2017,¬† it was dedicated in a display at the Detroit/Wayne County Port Authority Building.¬†

Newspaper article with video of the anchor being raised.

Newspaper article showing the anchor dedication.

To learn more about the history of the SS GREATER DETROIT, Click Here

In July 1992 GLMI carried out a similar project when the anchor of the S.S. EDMUND FITZGERALD was recovered from the bottom of the Detroit River. That anchor is currently resting in the yard of the Dossin Great Lakes Museum on Belle Isle.

By using the Detroit River webcam that is mounted on the top of the William Clay Ford Pilothouse you are able to see the anchor from the S.S. EDMUND FITZGERALD on Belle Isle.


The GLMIís last anchor fundraiser also provided the funds to send a recovery team to Baltimore, Maryland where the S.S. SOUTH AMERICAN was being scrapped in 1992. The group recovered a number of artifacts from the vessel just before it was dismantled. Our group was fortunate to have the opportunity to recover a number of port holes and document the condition of the vessel before it was destroyed in a fire while it was being scrapped.

The GLMI also helped pay for the installation of the S.S. WILLIAM CLAY FORD pilothouse, a thirty by thirty foot steel and glass addition to the Dossin Great Lakes Museum. This artifact was taken off the vessel  intact before it was scrapped. When one visits the Dossin Great Lakes Museum you will be walking into an actual working pilothouse from a Great Lakes freighter that was built at the Great Lakes Engineering Works at River Rough/Ecorse, Michigan.

The Detroit River webcam was one of the projects that the GLMI was able to help fund. It allows an individual to actually control the camera that is mounted on the mast of the S.S. WILLIAM CLAY FORD pilothouse.


Posted August 25, 2013:

Recovered artifacts from the Str. REGINA are being prepared for auction at the annual GLMI dinner, scheduled for October 27, 2013 at Blossom Heath in St. Clair Shores.  On August 20, volunteers from GLMI and International Shipmasters Association met to clean and prepare various artifacts.  Click Here for details and pictures of the cleaning project.


2012 GLMI project:

War of 1812 Bicentennial Cruise on the Detroit River
July 8, 2012

Click Here for a summary of our War of 1812 Bicentennial Cruise on the Detroit River - held on July 8, 2012


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In July, 1812, the Michigan Militia, under the command of Captain Antoine Dequindre, brought a cannon to the Rouge River and sank a British gunboat.

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50 years later: Remembering
the MONTROSE sinking

Obituary:  Bill Moss
"The Artist of Detroit"

Live Detroit River Web Cam

Webcam Project now
 includes Sound

Edmund Fitzgerald
Memorial service WEBCAST

The Building of the
Edmund Fitzgerald

City of Cleveland Bell Auction


Dossin Museum Driving Directions

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